Monday 1 July 2013

Young Practitioner Profile: Ojas Gandhi

Young Practitioner Profile: Ojas Gandhi
Ojas completed a double degree in Commerce and Economics at the University of Western Australia in 2009. Whilst completing his undergraduate degree, he concurrently studied towards obtaining his Private Pilot’s Licence.

As a keen taxation enthusiast he went on to complete a Graduate Certificate in Taxation at Curtin University for which he was awarded the best graduating student’s prize in 2011.

He began work in the tax division as a graduate accountant at Moore Stephens in 2011. Since beginning full-time work he has completed both the Foundations (now CTA1 Foundations) and Advanced Tax (now CTA2 Advanced) courses to obtain the Course in Australian Taxation Law qualification with The Tax Institute, and is on the verge of completing the Chartered Accountants’ Program.

Ojas Gandhi
Ojas Gandhi
What does your current role involve?

My current role within Moore Stephens involves working closely with qualified Managers and Partners in providing both tax advice to clients and assisting them in meeting their taxation obligations.

On a day to day basis I am involved in the preparation of Income Tax Returns for Individuals, Partnerships, Companies, Trusts and Superfunds. Every job is different and the issues that arise vary from job to job.

As a mid-tier firm we have a very diverse client base hence we deal with many different aspects of the taxation system. My role encompasses providing compliance and advisory services for our clients in areas from Income Tax and GST, to International Tax and Capital Gains Taxes.

I am also involved in managing taxation disputes for clients and assisting them during an audit or investigation.

What are your career highlights?

Landing my first job as a graduate accountant would have to be the highlight of my career to date.

Why did you join The Tax Institute?

The Tax Institute provides me with an excellent opportunity to expand my knowledge, stay up to date with the latest news, rulings and ATO developments. It also enables me to meet like-minded professionals and be part of and promote Australia’s pre-eminent professional body for tax practitioners.

What advice can you give to graduates?
  1. Don’t be greedy: after all money isn’t everything. Try and learn as much as you can in the early years of your career and choose an employer who is willing to invest in your learning and development. As you learn more you will not only be highly valued by your current employer, but also amongst your peers. Take one step at a time and the money will soon follow.
  2. Further educate yourself: If you want to distinguish yourself from others and progress faster in your career, I suggest you to enrol in various Tax courses and seminars held by both The Tax Institute and other Institutions. Tax is a specialised subject, hence requires continuous reading and keeping up to date with changes in Tax Law. I strongly recommend those who are motivated to succeed as a tax practitioner to commence the Masters in Tax course, even if only one unit per semester.
  3. Enjoy your work: You need to enjoy you work and be enthusiastic. When you love your work, you will not only have the passion and energy to work, but also be excited about going to work instead of dreading it. If you love your work, nothing will be too hard to accomplish. Your first role may not be your dream job, but everyone has to start somewhere.
  4. Maintain a work/life balance: In the early years of your career you may find it challenging to juggle the demands of your new job and the rest of your life. Try and prioritise your time and learn to set and enforce the boundaries between work and life that are right for you to avoid excess stress.
Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by my clients’ success and being able to be a part of that. Taxation affects everyone at virtually all stages of the life cycle, so it is really inspiring to be able to suggest tax-effective strategies to clients and see them being implemented to save clients’ taxes and simultaneously applying the same strategies for my personal tax affairs.

Credit must go to the directors at my firm who inspire me to achieve my career goals and to participate in the firm’s goals.

What do you do to unwind?

As a keen fitness enthusiast I partake in various athletic events including triathlon competitions and charity events. On a weekend, I enjoying flying to places I have never been to.

What would be your favourite holiday destination?

I’d definitely love to visit Italy.

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