Monday 28 October 2013

The best tax industry resources to keep you in the loop

The best tax industry resources to keep you in the loop
Tax is a dynamic, constantly evolving field where tax professionals need to stay up to date with the latest developments in order to provide clients with quality advice. So where should you go to keep up with industry news? Here’s a rundown of the best resources that will help you stay informed.

Industry organisations

Member-based organisations are a great source for industry news and analysis. The Tax Institute publishes a range of journals and newsletters that cater to a variety of market needs, providing the latest news, practical solutions to tax issues and discussions on tax policy and systems:

Government agencies

Visit the sites of the federal and state government agencies and subscribe to their e-lists for news on laws, rulings and policy issues.

The Australian Taxation Office’s (ATO) website is an extremely useful direct source to the latest on public rulings, determinations, ATO interpretative decisions, tax, superannuation and related legislation. Subscribe to news and updates for tax professionals for news articles and videos as well as a weekly email summary of industry issues. Become familiar with the website’s content as part of building your own research practice.

The Treasury, as the government’s central policy agency for whole-of-economy issues including taxation is another valuable resource. Set up an email subscription or RSS and Twitter feeds to keep up with latest information on policy changes.

Networking sites and online communities

Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and the Tax Institute’s eCommunities offer an informal and interactive way to stay in tune with industry news, trends and important insights from the tax community.

Industry publications

Take advantage of your university library’s subscriptions to industry publications such as:

  • Thomson Reuters Latest Tax News: A daily report on tax changes, ATO announcements, updates on legislation, cases, appeals and rulings as well as summaries of tax issues covered in the national and local press.
  • Thomson Reuters inTAX: A monthly magazine featuring technical articles, current tax issues and hot tax topics.
  • LexisNexis Legal Newsletters and Legal Express: Bulletins and daily email alerts on the latest cases, legislation and journal articles. 
  • CCH Daily Email Alert: Covering the key developments in tax and accounting.
  • CCH Tax Chat: A free blog on a comprehensive suite of tax-related topics.

Major tax and accounting firms

The major firms all publish online articles and commentary on current tax issues. Stay in the loop with an RSS feed, or follow these:

Online news sources covers news on tax, e-commerce, legal issues, political developments and economic issues for over 250 offshore jurisdictions or tax havens.

The Conversation is an independent source of news and views on a broad range of topics. Join and follow tax topics or set up RSS feeds or daily email alerts. The Conversation provides easy-to-follow explanations of complex topics – this is a great communication style to adopt when providing advice to clients. Find out more about communication and career success.

Keeping up to date through your own research is an essential career-long practice that will help you lead a successful professional life. The sources provided here will help you stay on top of the latest news, changes to law and market issues to maintain your industry savvy.

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