Wednesday 17 June 2015

Five ways to impress your boss this EOFY

If you’re an accountant, you’ll know that nothing can accelerate stress levels quite like end of financial year (EOFY). Whether you’re tasked with processing countless tax returns or reconciling accounts, the weeks preceding 30 June can be fraught with professional and administrative challenges. However, the end of financial year also offers a serious opportunity to prove your ability to perform under pressure and establish yourself as the firm’s rising star. Here are five ways to impress your boss this EOFY.

Don’t be afraid to take initiative

If you’re facing back-to-back deadlines, it’s tempting to take a reactive approach to work. However, taking the time to identify a scheduling clash before it happens or fixing a mistake before it creates bigger problems can show your manager you’re unwilling to simply go through the motions.

Put in extra time

High-stress periods often call for employees to go above and beyond. Although work-life balance is essential, preparation for EOFY often involves the kind of mounting workload that warrants extra hours. Whether it’s arriving at the office half an hour early or staying back late, proving that you’re willing to be flexible when your job demands it can be a testament to your work ethic and level of commitment.

Dream up a system that’s more efficient

Sometimes, small changes to workplace systems can spell big gains in terms of productivity, efficiency and your ability to get things done. Whether it’s coming up with a new way to enter data or a filing method that improves client-record accuracy, spearheading a system that’s more efficient is a sign you can think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to schedule a meeting to communicate your ideas to your boss. Even if your scheme isn’t implemented, giving it your best shot can be rewarding in itself.

Offer to lend a hand

When your team mates are struggling with their workloads or dealing with a client issue that’s come out of nowhere, it’s wise to extend a helping hand. High-pressure periods can send stress levels through the roof, so putting your own interests aside to be a supportive colleague can make a world of difference.

Show extra attention to detail

It’s no secret that long days at your desk can see concentration levels wane. However, paying extra attention to the task at hand – even if it means giving yourself more time to complete it – can deepen your manager’s faith in you and save your firm from costly mistakes.

From taking initiative to helping struggling colleagues, EOFY can be a great opportunity for your skills and talents to shine. How do you go about upping your performance in the lead-up to 30 June?

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