Tuesday, 2 February 2016

What you need to know about mid-year intake

Once youve made the decision to pursue a career in tax, the wait for course admissions to open each year can feel lengthy or discouraging. Thankfully, mid-year intake provides many students like yourself with the option of a flexible start date. So if youre eager to start studying as soon as possible, armed with the right information, you can take your first steps towards making your career in tax a reality.

Mid-year entry is available across most course levels from undergraduate and postgraduate to honours programs. While all universities have their own specific admission requirements, which may affect the number of positions available during mid-year intake as well as the courses offered, there are some general rules that can help during the application process.

Mid-year programs

If you are commencing a program mid-year, it is important to go to relevant faculty and school websites for advice about course selection and information. Here, you will generally find course-specific information such as, which courses offer mid-year intake, how to apply, selection criteria and course prerequisites. For example, accounting and law are two courses that typically run a mid-year intake.

External providers
If you are seeking to study an industry recognised course or subject but do not wish to attend university, a good place to start is by researching other education providers, such as those recognised by the Tax Practitioners Board Registered Training Association. The subjects taught at these institutions can usually offer subjects and programs that may suite your tax knowledge needs, such as The Tax Institute or single subjects. These institutes will also provide a flexible study intake and an easier application process.  

Mid-year single subjects

Undertaking a single subject mid-year is an option available to students who are not yet ready to commit to a program in full. This provides you with a taste for the program, and the completion of the subject can be credited to your degree should you pursue it full-time at a later date. To enrol in a single unit, this is usually completed in direct correspondence with the university and is dependent on your ability to meet course requirements.

Deadlines for mid-year programs

The program start date for mid-year entry is July, however unlike the process at the start of the year, there are several rounds of admission for mid-year intake. To be considered for this years undergraduate mid-year intake, the final admission deadline for most NSW and ACT universities is 12 July 2016. This date, however, is dependent on the specific course and university you are hoping to enrol in.

For specific dates, please refer to the Universities Admissions Centres key dates for offer rounds. In the event you are applying for a university in another Australian state, your admission is dependent on the tertiary education board for that state.

Application process for mid-year programs

Now that you have selected your course, its important to take the time to ensure you have everything you need for a successful application.

Depending on any previous qualifications or study you have completed prior to your application, you may need to provide:
·         Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).
·         Documents that prove TAFE studies outside NSW and the ACT.
·         Documents that prove overseas secondary or tertiary studies.
·         Academic transcripts that include the title of the course undertaken, all subjects taken, grades and proof of course competition.
·         Employment experience that includes your job title, period of employment and a summary of any job tasks.

To begin studying mid-year, students applying to a NSW or ACT university will need to apply through the UAC. However, if you choose to enrol outside of a university, it is best to contact the institute directly and enquire about their internal application process.

Just because you begin a course six months behind your cohorts doesnt necessarily mean you will graduate six months later than them. Universities and institutes offer every opportunity to accelerate your studies so you can graduate alongside your peers. In addition, universities and institutes also offer the chance for students to take additional classes or attend summer school to help you speed things along.

Whether youve decided to change courses, opted for an extended summer holiday or simply pursued other opportunities before embarking on your university career, mid-year intake provides the flexibility to start a career in tax when it suits you.

Thinking about starting your next move today? Visit taxinstitute.com.au/education for further information about our subject and program offerings. 


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