Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Eva Ewe, FTI. A Tasmanian graduate striving for a career in tax

I joined The Tax Institute because I wanted to equip myself with a deeper understanding in the application of tax law. My firm’s partner also encouraged me to join the Institute because of the access to tax resources and the wider tax community. I am currently part of the Hobart Young Tax Practitioners discussion group. We meet on a weekly basis to discuss monthly tax updates, and a person within the group presents on a topic of their choice. It’s a great way to interact with peers within the industry, from different accounting firms.

In 2009, I completed a bachelor of law from University of Tasmania and became a qualified legal practitioner. However, I decided to embark on a Masters of Professional Accounting in order to provide myself with an edge. In my penultimate year, I managed to secure an internship with Accru Hobart via the Chartered Accountants Achiever Program and was offered a job upon completion of the internship. I’ve been with Accru Hobart for close to 4 years, and became a Chartered Accountant in September 2015. I am hoping to start The Tax Institute’s Graduate Diploma of Applied Tax Law in 2016.

I am involved in tax and audit within the firm. I deal with a lot of not-for-profits and SME businesses. This involves tax compliance matters, providing written statements of advice, advising on business structures and related tax implications, and more.

I’ve enjoyed the learning process I’ve had throughout my career. There isn’t anything specific, but the challenges that have come along have pushed me to work harder in providing solutions that clients need. I always get a sense of achievement when clients are happy with the services provided.

Are you looking for career progression? Find out more about The Tax Institute's education programs and subjects.


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