Friday, 24 June 2016

Juanita Sands’, FTI, compelling story about following your career dreams

Throughout my education I always had a passion for maths and not much else besides reading.  My high school teachers loved telling me I should do something like accounting when I grew up, but being a teenager who did the opposite of what teachers said there was no way I was going to become something boring like an accountant. After starting a maths, psych and law degree, I ultimately ended up at TAFE doing an office administration certificate and loved the accounting subjects and have not looked back since.

After spending 12 years at a local accounting firm, I made the decision to move into a Senior Analyst role with Deloitte. My current role is very broad and diverse working is areas such as:
  •  business advisory services – working with small to medium
  • tax review of large corporate clients for our audit team, some of whom are listed
  • tax provisions for large and listed corporations 
  • provide advice for and oversee half of our local office’s self-managed superannuation funds
  •  tax advice for our office on a range of areas. To name a few
    • Small business CGT concessions – this and super are on of the greatest tax advantages for small business’
    • Employee benefits - eligible termination payments, fringe benefits, employee allowances
    • Research & Development
    • Assessing grant income
    • Taxation of trust income
    • Deceased Estates

My most satisfying moments are helping others with tax questions, whether small or large questions and helping them to grow their knowledge.  Having people say ‘but how do you know that’ or ‘where do you know to look for the answer’ then showing them how they can get that knowledge.  I found that The Tax Institute is one of my favourite search websites.

I had the opportunity to attend a few of The Tax Institute’s  Tasmanian State Conventions and when I attended a National Convention in 2010 I was given the opportunity to apply for membership at a reduced rate which I took. The resources that The Tax Institute have on the website is great for any sort of tax research and the publications on offer have a great hands on approach to working through complex areas of practice. Membership provides me with access to these and discounts to the many training sessions.

I am currently completing the Tax Institute’s GraduateDiploma of Applied Tax Law and enrolled in the Advanced Superannuation, with Corporate Tax next semester being my last subject.  The Graduate Diploma has been good to cement the knowledge that I already have.

I have now been in accounting for over 15 years and am a single mum to a gorgeous and smart college student.  My daughter inspires me every day.  When starting college this year she was really nervous and concerned about the challenges that she would face.  She accepted the challenge and came out of the first day smiling and ready to take on the world.  This is the way she deals with all challenges in her life.  Having worked full time since she was in primary school and part time while I studied before that I found that work/life balance can be a juggle but is very rewarding being a mum, while working full time.

 To find out more about the Graduate Diploma, visit
 Graduate Diploma of Applied Tax Law


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