Monday, 6 February 2017

Save time on your job search

When you’re looking for a job, it’s easy to get sucked into spending hours on job sites and networks.

Here are seven ways to cut back the time it takes to achieve the results you want.

1. Have a plan

Simply outline the type of job you're looking for. This can immediately focus your job-seeking process so you spend less time sorting the potential from the rubbish.

Do a little research up-front to set parameters and discover what's realistic in terms of your role and salary expectations.

2. Identify and use keywords

Use the keywords that employers and recruiters use. For example, the word 'graduate' will generally be preferred over 'degree holder'.

Don't forget to identify the different categories employers use. Tax roles may be placed under 'accountancy' or 'finance', so be sure to check both. Also add these keywords to your job-seeking profile to increase the chance of someone finding you.

3. Save searches

Most job sites and job boards, including Seek and LinkedIn, allow you to sign up for a profile and save your search, including all the terms and parameters you’ve set (e.g. keywords, salary, location).

Automate this process instead of entering the same information each time you visit.

4. Create alerts

If you prefer push notifications, you can create alerts on most employment sites and networks that deliver jobs, via text or email, that match the terms and parameters you’ve set.

You can also use tools like Google Alerts to find relevant postings.

5. Sign up to newsletters

Sign up to the newsletter of each organisation you're interested in. Not only will the 'We're hiring' message be fresh when you get it, you'll also have recent news about the organisation, which you can potentially use in an interview.

6. Join relevant groups

Joining networking and industry groups is often a good way to find a job that may not be formally advertised. It's also an excellent way to get to know your potential employers.

LinkedIn Groups, for example, enable you get close to people with whom you're not otherwise connected. You can respond to posts and keep an active profile to get noticed. And you can request a daily digest of the group's posts so you don't have to spend all day on LinkedIn waiting for a job alert.

7. Recruit your network

Make sure the people around you know that you're looking for a job. If brief them on the type of role you're after, they may see something in a medium that you might not usually check (e.g. newspaper) or hear something from people you don't know or cannot contact. More seekers create greater potential for opportunities.

Job seeking does take time, but with a little up-front investment you can reduce the effort needed to find and filter suitable roles. Set up your profile and alerts properly – it will pay dividends when you’re trying to land the perfect job.

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