Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Instant motivation at work

Some days at work, you just don’t feel like being there. You’re lethargic, bored and unproductive. You’re also distracted easily by the most trivial, mundane occurrences.

Still, the work has to be done and the slower you go, the more it will build up.

What you need is an instant mental pick-me-up – a shot of inspiration – to help you get back on track.

Here are some ideas.

Practice positivity

The absence of motivation is often linked with a negative frame of mind. When you focus on, and inwardly complain about, the inclement weather or an annoying colleague, it can drain your energy.

Instead, it’s best to think about aspects of your life that you can be grateful for – such as your health, your job security and future prospects.

Ask yourself positive questions. Rather than demotivating thoughts such as “Why me?”, ask “What went right so far today?” and ‘What’s good about my work environment?”.

You can also think about past work achievements. When you remind yourself about your successes, it can change your perspective about what you’re capable of achieving today and in the future.

Reward yourself

What do you enjoy? Coffee? Chocolate? A lunch with friends or colleagues? A new item of clothing?
These can be rewards you give yourself for completing specific tasks.

You’re more likely to finish that report today if you link it to receiving the new pair of jeans you’ve wanted for the past few weeks.

Remember to celebrate wins. And sometimes it even pays to penalise losses. For example, you could give $50 to a colleague with the understanding that, if you don’t complete a specific task by close of business, they get to keep it. That can be a real incentive!

Mix with motivated people

Motivation is contagious. When you don’t have it, avoid cynical, slow people in the office who are likely to bring you down even more.

Instead, seek out the most energetic, positive colleagues you can find. Ask them about their work. Ask them for feedback on how you should approach your tasks. You’ll come away feeling more enthusiastic and capable.

Focus on the work that interests you most

Let’s face it, some tasks are more interesting and stimulating than others.

When your energy is really low, that’s not the time to tackle the most mind-numbingly boring activities.

Work on the engaging tasks that you know you enjoy the most. The more you focus on work that fascinates you, the more engaged you’ll be.

Remember your purpose

When you began your career in tax, no doubt you had a sense of purpose.

You may have sought a career that was intellectually stimulating, that gave you the opportunity to help people and businesses, and that provided security and the resources to build a dream lifestyle.

When you re-focus on the reasons you do what you do, you’ll no doubt find the motivation come flooding back.

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