Wednesday, 21 March 2018

10 reasons to consider an intensive course with The Tax Institute

Education providers sometimes offer intensive, compressed versions of their courses. It’s an alternative that’s becoming increasingly popular with students, who report higher satisfaction levels because of the time they save with this study mode.

Moreover, researchers over the past 20 years have concluded that intensive courses do no disservice to students’ educational outcomes and, in fact, offer many advantages.

The Tax Institute’s fast-tracked ‘CTA1 Foundation intensive’ subject provides students with tax fundamentals in just 6 weeks, as opposed to the usual 14. Students can accelerate their professional growth and can update their knowledge of Australian tax basics in record time.

Here are our top 10 reasons to enrol in The Tax Institute’s CTA1 Foundation intensive.

1. Achieve results faster

The Australian tax environment is complex and varied. If you’re only familiar with a narrow portion of the tax profession, our foundations tax course – delivered in a 6-week intensive format – bridges the gap. You can broaden your tax knowledge without an onerous investment of time.

2. Convenience and flexibility

The online learning mode means you have the freedom and flexibility to structure your days the way you want. The foundations course is run five times each year and all content is available from day one, including lectures and webinars, so you can study anytime, anywhere and on any device.

3. Practical, applied learning 

Developed and delivered by experienced tax experts, CTA1 Foundations is a thoroughly practical subject – you can apply your learning immediately to real situations. The course materials are current up to one month prior to the commencement of each study period and the examples are often based on the experiences of our expert lecturers in their workplaces today. 

4. Recognition for your learning

Credit recognition acknowledges the skills and knowledge you bring to your study and may reduce the time it takes to complete your qualifications. Our tax courses are also accredited with important regulatory bodies such as the Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA). We are also recognised by the Tax Practitioner Board.

5. Extend your career options

Through the tax foundation course, you’ll be exposed to a wide range of Australian tax issues, such as structures, deductions, GST, capital gains tax, fringe benefits tax and an introduction to the Australian tax system, so that you build your skills, capabilities and experiences to extend your career options.

6. Enhance your professional status

The Tax Institute’s qualifications can lead to the prestigious Chartered Tax Advisor designation, an internationally recognised and respected mark of technical excellence. The post-nominals CTA represent the highest standards for tax advisers who have extensive experience and a commitment to being at the forefront of the profession. Those who carry the designation have proved themselves to be of the highest calibre and are equipped to provide the best tax advice.

7. Expand your tax knowledge 

You can be in a position to provide clients with comprehensive advice by expanding your tax knowledge. Learn all the required tax compliance tasks and their legislative foundations, while gaining the knowledge and skills you’ll need to properly advise clients on managing their tax affairs.

8. Keep up-to-date with changes in tax

Gain access to complimentary published technical papers each month and weekly tax policy updates, which provide the latest technical information on topical issues, and accumulate CPD points through our extensive event schedule, developed and presented by dedicated and senior members of the profession.

9. Membership – access a range of benefits

One of the biggest benefits of studying with The Tax Institute is that you become a member. As such, you gain access to products, services and offers specially developed for tax practitioners’ ever-changing needs and support for all stages of your career.

10. Network with like-minded professionals 

The Tax Institute has over 12,000 members, so you join a network of tax agents, accountants, lawyers and other professionals. Engage with students, academics and practitioners (from your course, at events, or in discussion groups) who share your interests, enabling you to build an invaluable professional network.

Fast-paced online courses can be a more convenient, practical way to attain an accreditation. Learn more here about how you can achieve your goals faster and get tax fundamentals in just six weeks.

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