Wednesday 14 August 2013

Are you thinking of a career in tax? Free careers webinar

Are you thinking of a career in tax? Free careers webinar
In keeping with our mission to equip tax professionals – including aspiring professionals like yourself – with everything you need to be work ready, we are proud to launch the new Careers in Tax Week.

How to establish your career in tax session – FREE session for you

If you want to be a leader in the tax, who better to learn from than the professionals who are the recognised leaders of the tax profession?

Held in September, the Careers in Tax Week features a free online session specifically for students and graduates of tax – How to establish your career in tax.

The session is designed to give you the big picture on working in tax, and will provide an overview of the tax profession, the different types of careers that are available to you, and practical advice on getting your career started.

And you can enjoy these free online webinars from a location that suits you.

Student Membership
Give yourself the edge with free Student Membership

If you are a tertiary education student, The Tax Institute can help you progress in your career journey.

Find out about Student Membership.


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