Monday 19 August 2013

What is a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA)?

What is a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA)?
If you want to take your professional life to new heights, obtaining a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) designation could transform your work prospects and see your career take off. Conceived by the UK’s Chartered Institute of Taxation, a CTA designation serves as the ultimate accreditation for taxation professionals around the world.

The qualification spans professional and postgraduate levels of tax education and is tailored to varying levels of expertise. Here are three compelling ways a CTA designation can help you achieve more.

Industry recognition 

Whether you dream of working for a multinational finance firm or a humble not-for-profit, a CTA designation will supercharge your employability and set you apart from other candidates. Chartered Tax Advisers are required to absorb complex technical knowledge and develop a nuanced understanding of taxation issues – attributes that equip them to deal with a spectrum of business challenges. In many ways, a CTA signifies that a tax professional is at the top of their game. In a tight job market, it serves as a powerful asset that can help secure competitive edge.

Going global

Country-specific regulations might make it difficult for taxation professionals to launch global careers, but a CTA designation is a passport to international success. CTA students learn how to manage international tax risks and comply with cross-border reporting duties – powerful knowledge that will put you head and shoulders above the rest. Tax practitioners who attain CTA status are sought after in job markets across the UK, Europe and Ireland. This means greater access to hard-to-find international roles and can fast-track your career growth.

Future-proofing your career 

A CTA designation can often attract high-profile clients who want to invest in the industry’s best. It also cultivates leadership abilities and sharp analytical skills – paving the way for greater remuneration, professional stability and the chance to get your career one step ahead.

Designed by industry leaders and taxation experts, The Chartered Tax Adviser Program is rigorous but also flexible and fair. It represents the ultimate step towards your dream taxation career. If you decide to embrace it, you’ll never look back.

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