Tuesday 14 April 2015

Four apps aspiring tax professionals should know about

Apps can bring a world of knowledge to your fingertips. Here are four that every budding tax professional should know about.


Finance professionals understand the power of a budget, and Pocketbook is both a conscience and budgeting app rolled into one. By syncing to your bank account, the app keeps track of all spending and updates your account balance as you go.

The app even categorises your spending and provides alerts to upcoming bill payments. Among the best budgeting apps on the market, Pocketbook has a feature called Safely Spend, which allows you to limit your weekly or monthly discretionary outlays.

Ever wondered where the money slipped through your fingers? Pocketbook has a geolocation service to track exactly where you spent, in addition to a photo function to help you keep on top of your receipts within the app.


Evernote is a single, creative digital space that allows you to collate, as the slogan goes, “your life’s work” in one app.

Using a range of note-taking, photos and recording devices, Evernote is the ultimate note-scribbling app that allows you to arrange your thoughts throughout the day. It includes a dedicated search engine and stores work in the cloud so that it can be accessed from any device – at home or the office. Evernote is synonymous with flexibility and its minimalist design allows the user to customise the interface.

ATO app

It had to be on the list, didn’t it? The Australian Taxation Office’s app is a one-stop shop for income tax and superannuation. In addition to being able to consolidate super into one account and keep track of the progress of a tax return, the ATO app can do a host of calculations on tax commitments and credits.

If you don’t want to wait on the phone to the ATO for hours on end, you can even book an after-hours call through the app. Best of all, you can convert information from the tools into a PDF and email it to yourself.


Nothing is more frustrating than the rigmarole of the three-password-attempt roulette when you need to enter a site fast. With caps lock, numerical characters and symbols or dated passwords, it seems that passwords are taking over our lives. Enter iPassSafe.

A must for those industry websites or passwords that you might only access once every quarter or annually, the iPassSafe app organises passwords into a wallet via a four-digit code. Whether it’s credit card numbers, licences, bank account details or websites, the app allows users to store hundreds of numbers and passwords.

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