Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Future-proofing your education

Future-proofing your education and career, and actioning your plan before your competitors, are not mutually exclusive. Having a knack for both will help strengthen your appeal as an attractive tax candidate in both the long and short term.

With connective technology improving, a growth in globally shared talent – which could see your tax skills take you to the other side of the world – as well as the changing expectations of employers, it’s important to be proactive about managing your career. Here are three long-term considerations that can help cement your career path in an upward trajectory.

Sustain your intellectual curiosity

10 years ago, what we considered ‘digital’ was very different to what we believe it to be today. In another decade, it will be something entirely different too. In this information age, best practice and skill sets are constantly being modified and improved.

To get the best handle on responding to and meeting the needs of a modern workplace, a commitment to further education is the first step to becoming a proactive, not reactive, learner. Courses such as a Graduate Diploma of Applied Tax Law are designed to meet this constantly changing gap in learning, with a skew towards providing higher-order tax-planning information.

Build your personal brand

As a tax professional, one of the most sought-after traits in a candidate is leadership and influence. Influence is not taught, but earned. Undertaking postgraduate taxation courses can give you access to an outstanding, ready-made community of tax leaders. Networking with professionals you aspire to be, and better yet, being liked and trusted by them, can be a key distinction in your employee appeal.

Having a reach beyond your workplace, which could include clients and prospective employers, as well as competitors to benchmark yourself against, is an advantageous move. Not only can it create future employment opportunities, but your current employer will appreciate your drive.

Be ready to move

Complacency is the weak link of all workplaces. Once this rot has set in, it can be difficult to motivate yourself again. Rather than having the mindset that you are happy in your place of employment (which you very well may be), keep agile and be ready to land on your feet should your circumstances change. Future-proofing your education is about being nimble and malleable to inevitable changes.

By keeping abreast of industry news and continuing to improve your skill set, you will be well on your way to future-proofing a long career in tax.

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