Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Member profile: Abby Hinchcliffe

Employer: Thomas Noble & Russell

Position: Intermediate Accountant

As a mature aged student I completed my Bachelor of Business degree majoring in Advanced Accounting in 2013. Shortly after I kick started my career in a medium size private practice firm named Thomas Noble and Russell where I have been working for the last 22 months whilst undertaking my Diploma of Chartered Accounting. Thomas Noble and Russell (TNR) is a longstanding firm with a reputation for providing high quality and detailed service. With a strong focus on in-house training it is the perfect environment for me to develop a solid foundation as a Tax Practitioner.

Describe your current role

With almost 2 year experience in business services I am currently focusing on learning the mainly technical aspects of accounting. My daily activities include the preparation, lodgment and administration of Business Activity Statements, Monthly Payroll Tax Calculations, Instalment Activity Statements, Income Tax Returns, and Financial Reports for all types of entities. I correspond with the ATO, other government bodies, bookkeepers and other businesses on behalf of our clients. I liaise and build relationships with my clients and colleagues, which I find most rewarding.

Describe your involvement in The Tax Institute’s committees or contribution to the Institute

Having completed the CTA1 Foundations and CTA2 Advanced course through The Tax Institute. I was so impressed by the concise and practical content and delivery of these courses that I wanted to get more involved with The Tax Institute. I now sit on the Graduate Diploma Committee, which allows me to meet more young tax practitioners (like myself) and discuss how we can support ourselves more as upcoming Tax Professionals. Studying with The Tax Institute has hugely supported me to be more confident applying my knowledge and understand of tax on a daily basis.

What are your career highlights?

I am very thankful for being hired by TNR where the partner and the team I work for take the time to train me in all areas of tax. Other highlights include many moments of appreciation such as receiving client referrals and feedback, the satisfaction of working well with my team and getting to meet people I would not have the opportunity to meet elsewhere.

Why did you join The Tax Institute?

I joined The Tax Institute because I want my involvement in accounting to be broader than the sole office I work in and to network with other Tax Professionals. My commitment to The Tax Institute is a gesture of support and respect for the industry I work in.

What advice can you give to graduates?

Don’t be shy to upsell all your great qualities even if you have no experience, you are no less because you are at the beginning of your career. Understand and respect the wealth of understanding you will build over time. If there is something you don’t understand, make the time to research and discuss with other professionals for your own understanding. Appreciate anyone who is willing to support your learning. Get to know you clients and colleagues as best as you can.

Who or what inspires you?

Many people inspire me including my collegues, friends and family. I will use this opportunity to thank Natalie Benhayon specifically who inspired me follow my heart and peruse a career in accounting.

What do you do to unwind?

Walking, Conversations with my fiancée, family & friends, Cooking, Having a bath and an early night (especially on a Wednesday).

Favourite holiday destination?

Hoi An in Vietnam, it is super relaxing by the beach, lovely people, great food and full of tailors…and a baragin.


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