Thursday, 27 August 2015

Sample exam question 6 - August 2015

Go Explore is the name of a popular retailer, supplying camping, fishing and outdoor equipment.

Go Explore is the trading name of Go Explore Pty Ltd which is a private company, incorporated in Australia.

Go Explore is seeking to expand and will be meeting with potential financiers in the near future.  As a result, it wants to maximise its taxable income as part of a broader picture of showing the best results it can.

You have a discussion with the CFO (who has no real idea about stock valuation for tax purposes) and that discussion involves talking with the CFO about the different methods of stock valuation available for income tax purposes.  You do not talk about obsolescence as you know (and have confirmed) it not an issue for Go Explore as they keep fairly low stock levels and the stock turnover is generally good.

The CFO advises that whilst some stock lines actually cost more than their market or replacement values, some cost significantly less.  The following information was provided to you:

Stock line
Units on Hand
Cost per Unit
Market Selling Value per Unit
Replacement Value per Unit
Kids Neon Blue Fishing Rod
Self-inflating mattress
Super warm sleeping bags

You are not sure about the logic of the replacement value of the sleeping bags being higher than the market selling value but the CFO advises that it is soothing to do with the “super cold snap happening down south” which means that the suppliers have put up their price”.  90% of sales by Go Explore are from Brisbane and they cannot sell these super warm sleeping bags at high prices.

Go Explore has lots of other stock lines as well but wants to value these at cost as it does not have details on the other values.  The value of the closing stock (not including the stock lines detailed above) at cost totals $680,000.

All stock for the current year has been valued at cost for accounting purposes and in the prior year ‘cost’ was also used for both accounting and tax numbers.  Prior year closing stock was costed at $610,000.

Other results for the current year were:

Operating Costs

Go Explore is registered for GST and all amounts above are GST exclusive.

a) What did your discussion with the CFO about the different methods of stock valuation involve? What were the key points you made?    (4 marks)

b) Calculate the taxable income of Go Explore Pty Ltd for the current year assuming that they wish to maximise their taxable income.  Show all workings.    (7 marks)

Click here to view the answers.


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