Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Member profile: Lauren Whelan

Employer: HLB Mann Judd

Position: Senior Tax Consultant

I’m a Sydney girl born and raised. I went to UTS and completed a Bachelor of Business majoring in accounting and marketing. After I decided to go down the accounting route, I started at Mann Judd in the corporate tax department and in my first year had a rotation into business advisory and audit. In 2014 I completed my studies with the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAANZ) and in June 2015 I graduated from my first subject in the Chartered Tax Advisor Program with The Tax Institute.

Describe your current role

I work in the Corporate Tax Division where I have the opportunity to assist the firm’s clients in all of their tax needs – whether it be their company tax return, advising on how to restructure or sell their business in the most tax cost efficient way, or even preparing a tax return for a celebrity!

What are your career highlights?

While I have received opportunities to work with some of the leaders of tax in Australia, a career highlight that comes to mind is recently working with a family business to restructure their business. This not only restructured the owner’s debt, but has also allowed the business to grow and minimised a potentially very large tax bill. This was really a career highlight for me as this client, who reminded me of my own family and their business, gave our firm a glowing recommendation and made me feel like I was making a ‘difference’ to his business.

Why did you join The Tax Institute?

In a world where almost every graduate accountant has their CA, I wanted to stand out from the crowd and continue to develop my knowledge in tax to ultimately further my career.

What advice can you give to graduates?

When starting to look for a job, always go into it with a positive attitude. No matter how big or small the firm may seem, there will always be great opportunities presented to you  - don’t hesitate, make sure you take them!

Who or what inspires you?

Taylor Swift – as a songwriter and performer, I appreciate anyone that has the persistence and determination to see a project from start to finish. Furthermore, at 25 she is the youngest woman to ever be included on Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women list, proving that young people can make an impact in whatever career they may choose. And best of all, whenever I have had a bad day she has taught me to ‘shake it off’.

What do you do to unwind?

Well apart from obviously listening to Taylor Swift too often, I love to travel to warm  holiday destinations (or dreaming about the next one).

Favourite holiday destination?

Hawaii – it’s cheap to get to, can offer everything from traditional Hawaiian luaus to jet skiing to shopping like a celebrity and every meal is supersized. the next step in your tax career with the Graduate Diploma of Applied Tax Law 

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