Tuesday, 8 March 2016

2016 training trends

In order to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving tax and accounting landscape, it’s critical for professionals to keep both their knowledge and skills timely and relevant. From a firm’s perspective, an ongoing commitment to implementing the right learning and development strategy is essential to nurture and manage the internal talent pool.

We have identified three key trends in 2016:

Leverage the training mix
Experts agree when it comes to training, there is no one size-fits-all approach. Getting the training mix right is about ensuring teams remain updated on both soft and hard skill sets. National director at Grant Thornton Stacey Smith says its program includes a mix of soft skills and non-technical training, regular tax updates concentrating on specialised topics, as well as programs nurturing commercial skills.

Putting knowledge into practice
Meanwhile, with the rapid changes in digital capabilities, cloud-based accounting software and rapidly evolving client expectations, experts highlight the importance of ensuring tax and accounting professionals have regular technological updates. At Perks for instance, Oakes says training includes technology-driven value-add skills, particularly from junior level upwards.

The test-and-learn method
When it comes to tailoring the training within a firm, experts agree a customised approach can be achieved through measuring testing and learning. At Perks, Oakes says the firm runs an annual skills gap analysis, which involves getting feedback from staff to be able to tailor the training program accordingly.

Engaging the team in training helps to maintain currency of both technical and non-technical skill sets. At the same time, consistency in delivery, testing and learning, and being open to adapt and customise a program are critical in ensuring all individual learning needs are addressed across any organisation.

To read more about these key trends, download our white paper.

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