Tuesday, 15 March 2016

7 tips to leverage your training strategy

Are you looking to create a strong training strategy in your team?

We have provided seven tips to help you prepare and implement a successful training strategy.
1. Listen to your team
In order to determine your teams training needs, talk with your team, get their feedback and try to work out from a practical sense any trends that are happening that need addressing.

2. Reward and encourage post-training
To have a successful training strategy you need to ensure that the team implements their learning. It is always good to recognise those who show initiative in implementing the training and reward them in various ways.

3. Conduct a skills-gap analysis
If the organisation is going to spend money on training, they will need to identify the return on their investment. Write down how the training will impact the team productivity and that it would be a worthwhile exercise.

4. Keep your program regular and fresh
With the changes in the profession and technology, training is best implemented on a regular basis rather than annually. This will provide the team with up-to-date knowledge and career satisfaction that they know their job and capabilities are growing. If you do not have the resources internally, it is always good to look externally such as monthly tax update webinars [hyperlink].

5. Create the right mix of technical and non-technical training
Having a right mix is crucial. If you provide too much technical training, you will not provide your team with the time to absorb all the details and more importantly, they will not have the time to implement this in the workplace.

6. Customise training via feedback and suggestions
To identify this, it is always good to have a meeting with the team, whether it be a few weeks or a few months in.

7. Collaborate and keep training consistent
By providing consistency, this will reinforce the training and ensure that the team absorbs the information. This can be done in break out training or team meetings which are dedicated to discussing the weeks training topic.

To find out more about how you can utilise The Tax Institute’s applied tax training for your company, please contact Anil Fernandez via email anilfernandez@taxinstitute.com.au or call (02) 8223 0069.

Otherwise, jump onto the website for further information taxinstitute.com.au/education or call 1300 TAX EDU (1300 829 338).


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