Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Four qualities of effective leaders

Do you see yourself as a future leader in your profession?

Becoming a great leader calls for a complex suite of skills. Although we recognise that talented bosses need to be equipped to rise to challenges and make tough decisions, we sometimes forget that the ability to communicate, delegate, remain positive and be creative are equally intrinsic to leadership success.

Whether you dream of heading up an accounting or law firm or serving as a tax adviser to large corporations, there are ways to hone your leadership credentials now.

Here are four attributes of great leaders, along with fail-safe tips for acquiring them.


The ability to articulate ideas and give a clear direction to colleagues can separate a mediocre manager from a leader who excels.

Failure to communicate effectively can lead to conflict and poor execution – factors that can inevitably impact bottom lines. From taking a professional writing course to volunteering to speak at an industry panel, there are many ways to cultivate your powers of expression and ensure people understand what you’re trying to say.


Great leaders know that, when it comes to freeing up the time and energy required to focus on strategy, the ability to delegate is key.

Overbearing managers run the risk of damaging relationships with staff members and negatively impacting employee trust. You can master the art of delegation by looking at your workload and identifying any tasks you can outsource.

The most effective delegators understand the responsibilities that are worth their efforts and those that should be passed to someone else. They also trust their team to deliver great work without being micromanaged.


The best leaders believe they can always turn around a missed opportunity and that failure is simply success in this disguise. A positive perspective is essential to becoming the kind of visionary leader staff members look up to and emulate.

Whether it’s working with a charity or volunteering at a not-for-profit organisation on the weekend, offering your skills to those who need them can help you become more influential.


Professions such as tax, law and accounting might not be traditionally classified as creative, but creativity is still a powerful leadership asset that can help a company grow. Being a leader often means thinking outside traditional boundaries and drawing on the power of imagination to tackle complex briefs.

Whether it’s taking a painting class or learning how to capture better photos, there’s no shortage of ways to catch the creative bug. Harnessing your creativity can supercharge your leadership skills down the track.

From communication skills to the ability to delegate, from a positive attitude to a creative perspective, the right mix of attributes can help you grow into an effective leader in your profession.

What are you doing today to hone your future leadership skills?

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